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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GNSS Receiver Module Tracks Multiple Satellite Constellations

Linx, the GM Series of autonomous, high-performance GNSS receiver modules is designed for navigation, asset tracking and positioning applications of all kinds. Based on the MediaTek chipset, the modules can simultaneously acquire and track several satellite constellations, including the United States GPS system, Europe’s GALILEO, Russia’s GLONASS and Japan’s QZSS. Operating at a 16 mA tracking supply current, the receiver modules provide exceptional sensitivity, even in dense foliage or urban canyons. Hybrid ephemeris prediction can be used to achieve cold start times of less than 15 seconds. By combining this feature with very low power consumption, battery life is maximized in battery-powered systems. With an output of standard NMEA data, the receivers are completely self-contained requiring only an antenna, and they power up and output position data without any software set-up or configuration. Also available is a GPS Master Development System connecting a GM Series Evaluation Module to a prototyping board with a color display that shows coordinates, speedometer and compass for mobile evaluation. A USB interface allows simple viewing of satellite data and Internet mapping, as well as custom software application development.