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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exelis delivers encryptors for military GPS, and tests GPS Jamming detector system

As reported by The first three of 14 encryptors for the U.S. Air Force's Global Positioning System Operational Control System have been delivered to Raytheon by Exelis.

The ground-based encryptors will be integrated by Raytheon into the operational control system of next-generation GPS satellites and will automatically code and decode GPS signals.

"Following successful thermal, electromagnetic interference and security verification testing, Exelis delivered the first three of 14 encryptors," said Kevin Farrell, positioning, navigation and timing general manager for Exelis Geospatial Systems. "Once integrated into the OCX system, the encryptors will help ensure that the next generation of GPS satellites will be ready for launch and provide advanced capabilities and security to both military and civilian users of the signal and the overall GPS modernization effort."

Exelis said in addition to encryptors, it is building high-precision receivers for use in GPS ground monitoring stations and satellite signal simulators for testing purposes.

Additional details of the contract under which Exelis produced the encryptors were not disclosed.

Additionally, Exelis' Signal Sentry 1000 was tested at the Vidsel Test Range Sweden.  The product detects and locates GPS interference sources in 3-D.

The test was conducted without disrupting the GPS signal relied upon by civilian and military operations outside of the test range location. The test employed eight sensors positioned in an array pattern and showed that Signal Sentry was able to successfully detect and locate the jamming source. Having demonstrating interference detection and location capability, Signal Sentry 1000 can be deployed to collect actionable intelligence for law enforcement and to protect GPS signal-dependent critical infrastructures.

Exelis is currently involved in GPS modernization initiatives, building the GPS III satellite constellation by developing and integrating the navigation payloads. Exelis is also providing navigation processing components, precision monitor station receivers, and key components of the system security design for the GPS Operational Control System, known as OCX.

Exelis is headquartered in McLean, Va.  The company employs about 19,000 people and generated 2012 sales of about $5.5 billion.