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Thursday, August 15, 2013

iTRAK and Magellan collaborate on Navigation integration for GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

A view of the navigation and communication menus for the
Magellan Roadmate® Commercial terminal as implemented by iTRAK
Fleet Executive (iFE).
iTRAK Corporation a leading provider of GPS/GNSS-based wireless fleet tracking, digital mapping, and vehicle reporting software solutions announced a collaborative effort with MiTAC Digital, manufacturer of the popular Magellan® professional and personal navigation devices to provide integrated fleet tracking and navigation systems; that combined with a heavy duty engine interface will meet the new and emerging EOBR/ELD standards, while providing customers with the flexibility, efficiency and reduced liability required by today's professional carriers and heavy duty equipment operators.

The combined product will allow remote tracking of vehicles and handsets in the field, while integrating with the Magellan commercial product to provide in-cab navigation voice prompts and terminal text messaging. 

Mark Perini, Associate Vice President of Product Marketing for Magellan said: "Magellan is pleased to have iTRAK as a partner integrating the Magellan RoadMate® Commercial 5190T-LM  in their offer combining navigation, messaging and fleet tracking."  The integrated system provides fleet tracking using iTRAK's patented iTRAK® Fleet Executive™ (iFE) and WebApp systems to remotely track vehicles and handsets in the field, while integrating with the Magellan RoadMate® commercial product to provide in-cab voice navigation and terminal messaging through the iFE cloud-based application.
Magellan RoadMate professional in-vehicle navigation systems
will include free map updates, and traffic alerts for the life of
the system - as well as HOS tracking.

Among the features included in the product are the following:
5" touch screen: 5" hi-resolution WVGA screen makes viewing your map easier
Customizable Truck Routes: The system allows legal truck routes to be generated based on vehicle type, dimensions, weight, number of trailers and HAZMAT type (if any).  This information can be set up by the driver on the navigation device, or remotely through iFE.
iTRAK®  WebApp™ smartphone and
tablet software used to track vehicles
from the field
The truck road attributes can be turned off, so drivers can use the same navigation device in their personal passenger vehicles.
Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts: Real-time traffic updates sent directly to your GPS unit to avoid traffic jams and other delays.  Alternate routes are suggested by the system, conforming to the truck settings that are in place.
Multiple Stop Routing: Plan your trip with multiple stops in the order you want or automatically optimize for the most efficient route, saving time and money and improving customer service.
Hours of service tracking: The device supports driver log-in and capture of changes in driving status.  Authorized users of iFE are able to remotely view the changes. Multiple drivers can be supported on a single device.
Optional engine interface: Heavy duty J1939 interfaces are supported.  Engine data can be transmitted to the office by the iTRAK system. 
Extra-loud (93dB) speaker: Navigation instructions can be heard in the cab.

Example of a documented customer specific install.
Messaging to and from the vehicle: iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE) sends messages that are displayed on the navigation device, and messages from the vehicle are generated on the Magellan RoadMate.  Canned reply messages can be defined to eliminate typing by the driver (when the vehicle is not operating).
Truck-specific POIs such as weigh stations and truck stops:  Truck stops can be filtered based on amenities, such as showers or certified scales.
Bluetooth: The navigation device includes Bluetooth capability, to pair with and serve as the speaker for a smartphone.
Affordability: The combined system and associated services will be priced at a substantial savings compared to the EOBR/ELD systems used for cost estimates by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
An installation diagram for the integrated navigation,
fleet tracking and messaging system.

The combined iTRAK/Magellan product will provide affordable and safe fleet tracking, communication and navigation functions for commercial trucking, service vehicles, government, sales fleets and much more.

iTRAK Corporation (formerly Data Burst Technologies) was founded in 1995 by the company President Thomas L. Grounds; as a developer of GPS-based wireless tracking and AVL systems. The company’s principal offices and network operations center are located in Colorado.  Video tutorials and testimonials can be found at:

The company’s flagship product, iTRAK Fleet Executive, is designed for commercial fleets of 5 to 50,000 vehicles, and runs as a web-hosted service or on-site enterprise system. The application is used by thousands of fleet managers throughout North America, and around the world. Its event-based transmission scheme dramatically improves tracking efficiency by sending more data when the vehicle is moving quickly and less data when the vehicle is moving slowly or stopped. Transmission triggers include distance traveled, elapsed time, and key events.

iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE) has been embraced by decision-makers in diverse markets such as Construction Services, Plumbing/HVAC, Trucking, School Transportation, Landscaping, Towing & Recovery, Electrical Contracting, Waste Disposal, Auto Glass, and Public Safety agencies. The application is integrated with Bing® and Google Maps™ and has full mapping and geocoding capabilities for most of the world, as well as being translated into 9 languages. For more information, visit (iTRAK is a registered trademark and iTRAK Fleet Executive is a trademark of iTRAK Corporation.)

iTRAK® is a registered trademark of iTRAK Corporation.  iTRAK® Fleet Executive™ (iFE) and iTRAK WebApp™ are trademarks of iTRAK Corporation.  Bing® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.  Google Maps™ is a trademark of Google Inc.