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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coca-Cola Israel Provides Personalized Billboards with Geofence Technology

As reported by Media Bistro: After their global campaign in which people could buy personalized Coke bottles and cans, Coca-Cola Israel and Tel Aviv-based Gefen Team built a campaign around personalized billboards.

Users downloaded a special app, then entered their name. Using geofence technology, the billboard would sense the user’s nearness (using the GPS data from their smartphone, and the known GPS location of the signs) and display their name. Each user would receive a message notifying them their name was splashed for the street to see.

Coca Cola used Israel’s “main billboards,” meaning users would see their names in lights more than once. And no matter how finite, people love fame: during the campaign period, the app reached 100k downloads and ranked #1 in Israel’s app store.

It seems like an elementary gimmick, but it’s got new-technology legs and exciting potential. Maybe the next brand to use these billboards will display a full message, making commuters’ life that much more fun:  or maybe it's just the next step toward the 'Minority Report' like futuristic ad systems we will all come to know in the near future.