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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

India's First Navigation Satellite lifts off this week

The first satellite for the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) successfully launched on Monday.

Solar panel deployment was confirmed and the satellite has power and is operating nominally according to reports.

The IRNSS-1A satellite is the first of seven that will make up the IRNSS. The constellation will consist of four satellites in geosynchronous orbits inclined at 29 degrees, with three more in geostationary orbit. IRNSS-1A is one of the geosynchronous satellites, and is expected to be positioned at a longitude of 55 degrees east.  Earlier in June the India Space Research Organization Navigation Center (ISRO) was inaugurated in Byalalu Bangalore.

The launch had initially been scheduled for June 12th, but was postponed for a 'technical snag' (an anomaly in one electro-hydraulic control actuator) in the 2nd stage.

The successful launch and satellite deployment stands in strong contrast to the Proton-M rocket failure that was slated to launch three GLONASS navigation satellites by Russia yesterday.