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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beartooth Turns Your Smartphone Into An Industrial Radio

As reported by Gadget ReviewAll a smartphone is, is a radio with a computer bolted to it. Seriously. That’s it; it’s just radio waves, the same radio waves pumping Today’s Classic Hits through the atmosphere. Of course, smartphones aren’t on the same channel as professional, industrial radios… but Beartooth makes it possible for them to get on those frequencies.

A Radio On Your Radio

Essentially, Beartooth is a radio you attach to your smartphone, and which interacts with your smartphone in various ways using publicly available radio bandwidth. It’s not dissimilar to the GoTenna in that respect, but Beartooth adds a few elements, especially in the physical realm, which make it much more interesting to the outdoorsy and those who just like fiddling with microwave radiation.

The Citizen’s Band, Improved

Essentially, it’s a CB radio with all the features you want from a smartphone. For example, you can have one-to-one calls, or group in more people, although they will need a Beartooth to participate. If you’ve got a friend you want to send a text message to, that’s as easy as using your phone. There’s even a confirmation of message receipt built into the phone, and you can also send out an SOS signal if you need it, making this crucial for campers and outdoorsy types. Also useful is the fact that another battery is built into the case, doubling the life of your phone.
The Great Outdoors
The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re going outdoors and getting out of contact range, you should probably have a radio, signal beacon, or other tool available to reach help if you get stuck. So, just by that standard, the Beartooth is a useful tool to have in your camping gear. And, also, it means you can send text messages to your friends when you’re waiting for the food to cook, so that’s useful time spent right there.