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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nikola Motor Company Enters Electric Vehicle Market with 2,000hp Truck

As reported by Tech DailyA new electric vehicle company breaks cover led by Trevor Milton. The Nikola Motor Company has come out of hiding announced the Nikola One class 8 electric semi-Truck and the Nikola Zero 4×4 electric UTV.

The Salt Lake City based electric vehicle startup has been created by Trevor Milton, who has been CEO of dHybrid Systems, a natural gas storage technology company that got acquired by Worthington Industries in 2014.
The Nikola One Truck has 2,000 hp and a 1,200 miles range. It carries 320kWh battery that power the 6×6 electric drive. The Nikola One has regenerative braking and a turbine that charges the batteries.
The Nikola Zero UTV has a 100 to 150 miles range and 520hp. The all-wheel drive UTV has a 50kWh battery and accelerates to 60mph in 3s. The Nikola Motor Company takes a page out of Tesla Motors playbook and offers reservations of their vehicles which are in a prototype stage. The Nikola One Truck can be reserved for $1,500 and the UTV for $750.
There is no word yet on when Nikola Motor Company will be able to actually deliver any of their planned vehicles. Prototypes are supposed to be shown later this year. Nikola Motor Company is of course named after the famous inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. If the name brings good fortunes remains to be seen.
The Nikola Motor Company released many technical details about their planned electric vehicle that look impressive. At least we know what electric vehicle this company is working on, in contrast to secretive Apple, which is also supposed to build an electric vehicle under the project Titan. 
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