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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Skreemr Jet Could Fly New York to London in 30 Minutes

As reported by Condé Nast TravelerThere's a lot of excitement around the idea of supersonic travel right now. Airbus has patent approval for a reboot of the Concorde—the Concorde-2—that would go Mach 4 (or faster) to get you from New York to London in an hour. Now designer Charles Bombardier is talking about cutting that travel time in half: with the Skreemr supersonic jet. Allow me to get technical for a second: The Skreemer vision, which looks like a prop from the upcoming Star Wars movie, would launch from a magnetic railgun at Mach 4, ignite rockets to the point where it's going fast enough to "fire up a scramjet," propelling it to a crazy Mach 10, or or 7,673 miles per hour. Popular Mechanics has the full breakdown, but yes, apparently, this could be a passenger jet. (Popular Mechanics)