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Thursday, October 22, 2015

London's Iconic Black Cab Goes All Electric

As reported by GizMagThe London Taxi Company (LTC) has unveiled a new version of the Black Cab that famously operates in London, UK. The TX5 is said to retain the spirit of past models and focus on driver and passenger comfort. Reflecting the move toward a low-carbon economy, it will be electric powered.

The predecessor of the new London taxi, the TX4, was launched in 2007 and, although electric versions of it were developed, models on the streets invariably had a conventional diesel engine under the bonnet.
According to LTC, all of the 2,000 components for the TX5 have been designed from the ground up. It has a new lightweight aluminum body structure and composite paneling, rear-hinged doors to improve passenger access and space for a forward-facing wheelchair. It also has a panoramic glass roof.
The cab can accommodate six passengers and provides more legroom for the driver. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile device charging points for both the driver and passengers.
The TX5 was designed by Brits Peter Horbury and David Ancona at Geely’s design center in Barcelona. They were supported by over 200 engineers and designers in the UK. Hornbury says they were acutely aware of the responsibility that came with designing a new model of such a recognizable and iconic vehicle.
"We wanted to retain those aspects that make the London taxi what it is and what it stands for, while ensuring that the new design reflects everything that a 21st century vehicle needs to be," said Horbury. "We have sought to build on existing features such as the headlights, grille and strong roof lines. But we have also made sure that the new vehicle significantly builds on space and comfort levels for both passengers and drivers."
More detailed specifications about the TX5 have yet to be announced. It is due to be launched in the UK at the end of 2017 and across international markets in 2018.