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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tesla Motors Inc Model S Gets 450 Miles on a Single Charge [Video]

As reported by Green Car ReportsA pair of Danish drivers claim to have set a new record for Tesla Model S electric-car range.

Over the weekend, the pair covered 728.7 kilometers (452.8 miles), after a marathon drive beginning and ending at the Supercharger DC fast-charging site in Rødekro, Denmark.

The drivers claim to have used 77.5 kilowatt-hours of energy to cover that distance, meaning there was potentially still some range left in their 85-kWh Model S P85D at the end.

The trip involved 18 hours and 40 minutes of driving, plus one hour of rest stops.
Achieving the remarkable range figure required some drastic measures that average drivers probably wouldn't tolerate.

Average speed was just 39 kph (24.2 mph). Signs were taped to the back of the car advising other drivers of its slow speed.

As seen in a video of the drive posted on YouTube, the air conditioning was also used sparingly.
Apparently that's what it takes to achieve a range that significantly exceeds the EPA-rated combined 253 miles of the P85D.

With its focus on performance, the P85D has the lowest range of any 85-kWh Model S.
The rear-wheel drive Model S 85 is rated at 265 miles, while the all-wheel drive 85D is rated at 270 miles.

Tesla is in the midst of introducing a 90-kWh battery-pack option, which should bump range up somewhat over corresponding 85-kWh models.

The company expects a 6 to 7 percent increase, roughly equivalent to the increase in energy capacity of the new pack.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also said that a Model S 90D will achieve close to 300 miles of range in highway driving, when driven at a steady 65 mph.

The final battery-pack option in the Model S range is the smaller 70-kWh unit, which has now replaced the previous 65-kWh base pack.

The 70-kWh pack can provide 230 miles of range in the rear-wheel drive Model S 70, and 240 miles in the all-wheel drive Model S 70D.

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