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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Israeli Pilots Jailed For Storing Sensitive Maps On Smartphones For Convenience

Israeli soldiers use their phones to send text messages at a bus
stop in Mevaseret Zion, near Jerusalem.
As reported by The Guardian: Two Israeli combat pilots have been jailed for five days and 12 others disciplined for storing operational maps on their smartphones.

Military authorities discovered the security breach after one of the pilots reported that he had lost his mobile phone and that it contained sensitive data, Israeli Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

The phone was recovered, the report said, and investigators found he had loaded maps and other classified documents.

Other members of his squadron had done the same so they could have the information readily at hand, the radio said.

The 14 pilots were court-martialled: two were sent to jail, 11 received suspended sentences and one was fined.