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Monday, December 23, 2013

Telematics Evidence Helps Prove Knife Attacker’s Location in Court Case

As reported by Fleet World:  Daniel Paita has been convicted for a knife attack on a man in Glasgow in February last year after the device pinpointed his location despite Paita claiming he was not in the area on the day.  

The evidence collected by the device was passed onto the police by motor anti-fraud team Asset Protection Unit Ltd (APU), which now works closely with Police forces to reduce motor fraud.   

After Paita was sentenced Thursday. the 19th of December at The High Court, Edinburgh, APU’s Neil Thomas was clear about the role telematics can play and the benefits of private anti-fraud teams cooperating with the police.

‘It is extremely pleasing to have been an important cog in convicting an individual like this, it might never have happened at all had the device not been installed in his car. They are able to generate data about the inner workings of a vehicle but also show its location at any time, which is a great help to us, the police and victims if vehicles are used for criminal activity,’ said Thomas.