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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

UTA Flight 772 Memorial Viewed From Google Maps

As reported by NY Daily News: Google Maps now allows people to view a memorial commemorating 170 victims of a terrorist attack the way it was intended.

Typing coordinates 16°51'53"N, 11°57'13"E into Google Maps reveals a memorial that was created in 2007 to honor 170 people killed in a terrorist attack in the Tenere Desert on Sept. 19, 1989, according to a French association dedicated to the victims.

The UT flight 772 originated in the Republic of the Congo and was headed to Paris when a bomb was detonated in the luggage area. All 155 passengers and 15 crew members died over the desert in Niger.

A French court convicted six Libyan terrorists for the attack who were convicted in 1999 in absentia because the government would not allow them to be extradited.

The victim's families organization created a memorial at the scene of the wreckage in 2007 to honor all the people who died — using some pieces of the aircraft. It is shaped liked an airplane but the full shape could not be seen at ground level. Now through the website the mosaic style memorial can be seen in its entirety.

The organization is still active and held a tribute to all of the victims ion Sept. 19 — the 24th anniversary of the bombing — in Paris. At the ceremony al of the victims' names were read and people brought flowers and read personal messages to the victims. Eight Americans also died on the plane flight, the group states.