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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Bluetooth Tracking Device That Fits in Your Wallet

As reported by TuawIt appears that 2013 is the year of the Bluetooth tracker. We've covered the nio Tag and Kensington Proximo Fob Key and Phone Finder in the past two weeks; now comes word of a remarkably thin Bluetooth tracking device from Find'em Tracking. The Find'em Tracking Cards (pre-order now, one for $24.99USD, two for $44.99USD) are the thickness of two credit cards placed back to back, have an 18-month battery life, and work hand-in-hand with an iOS app for instant tracking of valuables.

The Find'em Tracking Cards can let you know the minute your iOS device and the card are out of range (from 10 to 150 feet) of each other. There's a button on the card to make your phone ring if you've lost it.
The app provides a "tracking radar" to advise you on how far away you are from one of the Tracking Cards, and if you're out of range or didn't hear an alert, the app will show you on an integrated map exactly where the two devices -- iPhone and Tracking Card -- were last talking to each other.
There's a special feature of the Find'em Tracking Cards -- pop them in your luggage, and you'll know exactly when your luggage is delivered onto the carousel at the airport for easy pickup. The cards are definitely less expensive than the other options we've looked at, and the app will be available in English, Spanish, Russian and French.