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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gecko Bluetooth tags act as motion and location triggers for your mobile

As reported by EngadgetWhat you see above isn't a fancy pick -- it's a gesture control peripheral called 'Gecko' designed to do a lot more than strum a guitar. 

According to its creators, each action the coin-sized gadget makes can correspond to a phone function, so long as the two are connected via Bluetooth. 

You could, for instance, configure your device loaded with the accompanying iOS or Android app to make an emergency call whenever you shake Gecko once. However, they claim that it also has many potential offbeat uses, such as notifying you when someone moves your bag or helping you find lost pets, kids or, worse, keys

Of course, that'll only work if you tag your items with it, but anyone with a hyperactive five-year-old wouldn't mind improvising a necklace out of it. Don't expect to find one at a local mall, though -- Gecko's merely an Indiegogo project at the moment, hoping to raise $50,000 to start mass production.  A video on the product can be found here.