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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boulder Colorado Sets Up Crowdsourced Flooding Map

Colorado residents are using a crowd sourcing map tool to
help identify flooding damage for current claims and future
planning efforts.
As reported by the Daily Camera: In efforts to document and learn from this month's damaging flooding, the city of Boulder is asking residents and businesses to contribute to a "Community Flood Assessment" crowdsourcing map.

Using geo-located pins, community members can submit their stories or data related to the flooding, which they can also enhance with photos or videos, according to the city. 

The map has specific date and time categories including  flooding, road damage, path damage, property damage, debris and overflows.

The mapping tool is called Crowdmap and is available for use on computers
iPhone and Android devices.

All data and photos posted to the site will become public domain.

The specific data the city hopes residents will provide is expected to assist in flooding assessments as well as future flood planning efforts, officials say.