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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GPS Fleet Tracking improves fleet safety; reducing liability

Effectively managing workers in the field is an essential component of finishing any project on time and within budget. However, you can’t be everywhere at once. Relying on trusted supervisors is a good start to improving the efficiency of your workforce, but GPS fleet tracking can help you take it to another level.

GPS tracking is most commonly associated with vehicles, but there are many features that can also help you manage a workforce which can include tracking smartphones.

Use GPS Fleet Tracking to Supervise Workers
Improve productivity by ensuring that your vehicles and employees are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. Certain GPS tracking features allow you to get more accurate time reporting, and ensure that you are  paying for time not spent on the job:

Driver key fobs
Time sheet verification
Landmark and geo-fence alerts
You don’t need to be onsite to confirm that your employees and their supervisors are doing their jobs.

Monitor Activity with GPS Fleet Tracking Reports
Just showing up is not enough to get the job done. Monitor worker activity and performance with these reporting tools:

Starts and Stops
Ignition on-off locations
Idle reports and fuel usage verification
As gas prices go up, so do incidents of fuel theft.  Idle reports can help to make sure that fuel is not being wasted, and fuel usage verification reports can make sure that fuel theft is kept in check.
Power take-off (PTO) events
PTO monitoring can be particularly useful. These reports allow you to confirm that an employee is not just sitting in an idling vehicle, but actively using the equipment; and that the vehicle is being used for the project it was intended for and not for activity that the company or owner isn't being compensated for.

Use GPS Fleet Tracking for Work-site Compliance
Enforce work-site compliance regulations that are designed to protect both employees and clients. Time reports allow you to monitor hours of operation so you can schedule staff in a way that ensures they don’t work too many hours. Geo-fences and alerts allow you to keep employees out of restricted or dangerous areas, protecting client assets and keeping employees safer.

GPS Fleet Tracking Improves Worker Safety
Maintaining a safe work-site is everybody’s responsibility. Do your part by implementing a GPS tracking system with safety features like seat belt alerts and panic switch alerts. Seat belts help keep drivers safe while the vehicle is in operation. Panic switch alerts are a safety feature that can alert staff in case of an accident or a hostile situation.

In today's litigious society, improving fleet and worker safety also helps to reduce liability, and insurance costs.  Tracking your fleet also provides data that can be helpful in refuting any potential claims made by a third party.

Even though vehicles don’t always move far or fast, GPS fleet tracking can still be used to monitor worker activity, improve productivity, and keep your employees safe.