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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google Earth Sky - a new concept: We spend a lot of time pointing our cameras at ourselves, and at our surroundings, but we rarely seem to look 'up'.  I'd propose a new program where we setup cameras so that anyone from anywhere can see what the sky looks like in near real-time from any location on the planet.  This information could be fed into weather systems for analysis, but it could also be used to observe any minor atmospheric or other 'sky' related occurances that might be missed by the casual observer - much like the meteorite impacts on the moon that have recently been documented by NASA near Mare Imbrium: I call this 'Google Earth Sky' because absorbing, analyzing and making the data available to the general public for this kind of 'big data' would be difficult for all but the largest of organizations; such as Google, Bing/Microsoft, or say the US government.  However, this kind of crowd-sourced image data could be put together by individuals and businesses with relative ease.  Eventually, the whole earth sky could be a lens that we could all look through from anywhere, at any time.